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Updated: Today
Opening different TAB in classroom pauses student video My daughter uses Dell Laptop with Windows OS for Google Classroom. School recommends Chrome browser.…
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My students' names are not showing up on drop down in assignments. When I select an assignment that is completed, it will bring up that student's assignment. Then usua…
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Making Google Classroom video meetings easier and more secure We’ve made it easier and more secure for students and teachers to manage video meetings: The Class M… How do I get into my sons school account to accept a course given by one of his teachers My sons teacher says we must accept a course on the school classroom account, how do I get in Topic disappearing in google classroom when you remove students from an assignment I have new students that I am adding to google classroom. Today, when I remove them from old assignm…
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How do I disable student Mark as done option In Google classroom ? My students are misusing the power of mark as done button as I see it as done in my classroom accoun…
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I have an error. Can you please tell me how to fix it. (I use Gboard by the way) I wrote the correct answer but it says I didn't. Changes to Google Workspace for Education accounts that are indicated as <18 by the Administrator Hi everyone, To help admins and teachers as they build safe digital learning environments, we’re lau… Perché quando provo ad accedere con il mio account istituzionale mi esce che non ho accesso a classr prim
Updated: Yesterday
Trouble adding a co-teacher My co-teachers are volunteers and don't have a domain email address. They've all been able to get in… como solucionar el acceso a un archivo enviado a classroom, por mi profesor Intento acceder a un archivo que ha enviado mi profesor, pero me dice lo siguiente: le he comentado … When will the Activity Dashboard be fixed? For TWO SCHOOL YEARS I have not been able to access the activity dashboard as other have stated in p…
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How do I get onto my teacher email the one what says Like (Class name) Teachers I have tried searching up videos but I still can't get onto it please could I know how to get access… Can't open exissting class Can't open my google classroom mehtatejas1078
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The owner of my Google Meet class recording belongs to other teacher. How to return the ownership? Asking partner to change the ownership termporarily. My teacher cannot grade my homework and I cannot upload it either. How can we solve this? Firstly, my teacher told me a few days ago that he wasn't able to grade my homework, because of a cl… Student Unenrollment Hey Everyone! Changes have recently been made to control who can unenroll from a class. Admins can n…
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Why are other teachers recorded meets ending up in my drive? I have not entered the Meet My apologies for the inaccurate detail - There was not an option for Meets/recordings errors that I …
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Can I share My Private YouTube videos with my google classroom students? (More than 50) Previously I was linking google drive with google classroom to share private videos. I restricted th… creat group it should call opshen
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