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Last edited 5/1/19
Hi Classroom community,

Last month, we introduced more customizable settings with the Classroom Stream page. Today, we are happy to announce some very exciting updates to the Classwork page!

Filter topics on Classwork. We want you to have greater flexibility on the Classwork page to direct student attention to only what matters. As of today, you will have the ability to filter by topics on the Classwork page. While on web, on the left hand panel of the Classwork page, you can choose the topics to filter from. Clicking on any topic will filter posts within the topic on the view page. In this filtered view, each post will show in an expanded state, with attachments and comments for students and teachers, and turned in counts for teachers. You’ll also find the option to filter on both our Android and iOS mobile apps. We hope this feature will make finding the most important posts easier on the Classwork page. To learn more about filtering topics, you can check out this help center article.

Post to the top with New Classwork topics & items.  As many of you know, new topics and posts on the Classwork page automatically post to the bottom of the page.  Moving forward, we are changing this for all new classes. Now, all new items and topics posted will appear at the top of the page. This will be available only for newly created classes to prevent this change from impacting classes you’ve already organized. If you need more information on new topics in the Classwork page, visit this help center article.

New attached material view.  The way users saw attachments changed when we updated the stream page in February. Thanks to the feedback provided, we have updated the look of attached materials so that they are easier for users of all ages to read and understand. There will now be more space for the title, and the ability to see the entire title by hovering over it. In addition to reading the titles, you will once again be able to see the preview thumbnail for the attachment.

Need more support. In addition to our Community Forum, our Help Center and Teacher Center provides more answers to educators' questions and  provides training to instructors utilize everything Classroom has to offer.

We’re thrilled to bring you updates based on the features you request and the feedback you share. We’re always listening so please continue to share your ideas on Twitter, Facebook, and through the send feedback button. We appreciate your input and look forward to hearing how you use these new tools.

Natalie, on behalf of the Google Classroom Team
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When do the changes to how attachments behave take place...is that also ONLY in newly created classes?  

Right now, I don't see previews/thumbnails, and the hover over isnt working to see the full title.
Last edited 5/11/19
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Just recently, my students have no longer been able to open attachments I post in the stream.  Can anyone help me with this?  The error message says "owner prevented downloads of this audio file" - when actually the audio file is stored within my Google Classroom folder that all current students are part of.  (I even get this message on my own file sometimes!) Also, attachments they used to be able to open (from several weeks ago) can no longer be opened by the same people who originally had access to them.

Last edited 5/7/19
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I'm not seeing this on iOS yet.  Will this come via an app update?  I'm excited for the filtered view for my kindergarten students.  We'll also benefit from the thumbnail previews of attachments.
Last edited 5/15/19
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I'm assuming and hoping that it will show preview/thumbnails of PDF's also.  I often give my kindergarten students PDF's since they can annotate and write directly on them on their iPads.
Last edited 5/15/19
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One question from the die-hard adherent to the old interface: If I finally decide to switch my old Classroom course (without the Classwork page) to the new interface, which one will I get?  The brand new one that starts from today?  Or the older version?
Last edited 5/15/19
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That is good
Last edited 5/15/19
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I am having the same problem of students not being able to open attachments easily. They have to right-click and open it in a new window to get it to work. It is annoying.
Last edited 5/15/19
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When can we expect to see the topics on the left side of the Classwork page?  Currently, only one of our teachers sees the list on the left.  The rest of us see them in the drop-down menu on the top.

Also, many attachments only work by right clicking on them and opening them in a new tab.  Permissions are shared appropriately.  What gives?  This is very frustrating for staff and students.  I see that we aren't the only ones experiencing this.  Any ideas?  Help.
Last edited 4/18/19
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The updates will be rolling out to all users throughout the week. Make sure to be on the lookout!
Last edited 5/15/19
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5 days
Hi Reannah,
Welcome to the GC Community.
You can choose to have the assignments and materials listed in the activity on the Stream to show attachment and details.  In the top right of the GC screen should be the gear icon for Settings.  This is a toggle on/off option towards the bottom.
Miss Barron
Google Product Expert
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