Transfer ownership of a class

This article is for G Suite Administrators

If a teacher is leaving the school or changing the classes they teach, you can transfer their classes to another teacher.

When you transfer class ownership, the new teacher doesn't need to accept the transfer for it to occur.

Who can you transfer classes to?

As a G Suite admin, you can transfer ownership of a teacher's classes to another teacher in your domain using the Classroom API. For details on how teachers can transfer a class, see Transfer ownership of a class.

Once the class is transferred to a new teacher, the new teacher is the primary teacher of the class. The original teacher becomes a co-teacher of the class.

Who owns class materials after a transfer?

After you transfer ownership of a class, the new primary teacher is the owner of:

  • The class Google Drive folder
  • Materials in the class templates folder
  • Turned-in student work

Who owns deleted material?

Deleted items in the Drive folder, the templates folder, and turned-in student work are not transferred to the new primary teacher.

If you restore deleted items, those items will still belong to the original teacher.

Note: The new primary teacher can delete the class.

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