Set up guardian email summaries

This page is for teachers.

You or your administrator can invite guardians to receive automatic email summaries of their student’s progress. You choose which classes to include in the summaries. You can only add guardians for students using Classroom with a Google Workspace account. 

Before you begin

To be able to invite, remove, or email guardians: 

  • Your admin must verify that you're a teacher, turn on summaries, and give you permission to manage summaries.
  • You need to use the web or Android version of Classroom to invite guardians. 

Add, remove, or email guardians 

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Turn guardian summaries on or off
  1. Tap Classroom "".

  2. Tap the classand thenSettings "".
  3. Next to Class guardian summaries, tap the switch On ""and thenAdd class or tap the switch Off "".
  4. If you don't want to turn on summaries for all your current classes and classes you create going forward, uncheck the Add all the classes you teach to guardian email summaries box.

    Note: If you turn summaries on for all classes, it doesn't affect any classes where you previously turned off summaries.

  5. Tap Done.
Invite a guardian

Only one teacher or admin needs to invite the guardian. When a guardian accepts the invitation, they are linked to the student in all of their classes. All verified teachers and admins can see the student’s guardian.

If you can’t invite or remove a guardian, contact your admin for help.

  1. Tap Classroom "".

  2. Tap the classand thenPeople "".

  3. Tap the student’s name.
  4. At the top, tap More ""and thenInvite guardians.
  5. Enter the guardian's email address.
  6. Tap the name or tap Add recipient.
  7. (Optional) To invite another guardian, repeat steps 5–6.
  8. Enter your messageand thentap Send.
Remove a guardian

Warning: This action removes the guardian from all of the student’s classes at your school, not just the classes that you teach. If guardians don’t want to receive email summaries, they can unsubscribe instead.

  1. Tap Classroom "".
  2. Tap the classand thenPeople "".

  3. Tap the student’s name.
  4. At the top, tap More ""and thenRemove guardians.
  5. Choose an option:
    • To only remove one guardian, tap Remove.
    • If a student has multiple guardians, select the correct email addressesand thentap Remove.

You, the removed guardian, and the student get a confirmation email when you remove a guardian.

Email guardians

If a guardian accepts your invitation for automatic email summaries, you can also directly email them. 

  1. Tap Classroom "".
  2. Tap the classand thenPeople "".

  3. At the student’s name, tap More ""and thenEmail guardians.

    An email window opens with the email addresses populated in the To field.  

  4. Enter your message and tap Post "".
  5. (Optional) To email all guardians, next to Students, tap More ""and thenEmail all guardians.
  6. Enter your message and tap Post "".

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