View due dates and events in a calendar

This article is for students. Teachers go here.

For each class, you share a Classroom calendar and a Google Calendar with your teacher and classmates. Only items with due dates appear in these calendars. If you can’t access Google Calendar, your Google Workspace administrator might have turned it off for your account.

What can you do with each calendar?

Google Calendar (any device) Classroom calendar (computer only)
  • View classwork due dates
  • View class events
  • Add personal reminders that only you see
  • Add events, such as study sessions

Tip: Anything you add won’t show in the Classroom calendar.

  • View classwork due dates
  • Click an item to open it
    in Classroom

Tip: You can't add anything to the Classroom calendar.

View Classroom items in Google Calendar

Your mobile device only shows your Google Calendar, not the Classroom calendar.

Before you begin: You can sync Google Calendar on your mobile device to use it with the Classroom mobile app. For details, go to Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet.

Note: Anything you add in Google Calendar won't show in the Classroom calendar.

  1. Tap Classroom "".
  2. At the top, tap Menu ""and thenCalendar.
  3. Tap an assignment or question to open it.

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