Use the Classroom share button on a website

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You can add webpages to new assignments, questions, or announcements in a class without leaving the page you want to share.

Website owners add Share to Classroom to their websites and you'll find Share to Classroom Classroom share button with the other social media icons. If you see Share to Classroom Classroom share button on a webpage, you can create a new assignment, question, or announcement without going to Classroom first.

Share a website to Classroom

  1. On the website you want to share, click Share to Classroom Classroom share button.
    If you don't see this button, see below for more options.
  2. Sign in with your G Suite for Education account.

    If your account doesn't appear, click Add account and sign in with your G Suite for Education account.

  3. Click Choose class and select the class to share to. If you don't have any classes, you'll need to create one first. 
  4. Click Choose action and select one of the following options:
    • Create assignment
    • Ask question
    • Make an announcement
  5. Click Go.
  6. Write your post, then click Post.
  7. (Optional) To view the announcement or assignment in Classroom, click View.

I don’t see the Share to Classroom icon

If you don’t see Share to Classroom Classroom share button , you can still share the webpage using these options:

Note: Website owners add Share to Classroom Classroom share button , not Classroom or Google. If it’s missing, it means that the website owner hasn’t added it to their site.

To add Share to Classroom Classroom share button to a website:

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