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Note: The Share to Classroom Chrome extension is being deprecated. If you installed the extension, it will automatically uninstall in August, 2020.

If website owners add Share to Classroom "" to a webpage, you can add the webpage to new assignments, questions, announcements, or materials without leaving the page that you want to share.

Share a webpage to Classroom

  1. On the webpage or content you want to share, tap Share ""and thenClassroom "".

    Be sure you're signed in to the correct Classroom account. If not, you'll need to open the Classroom app and switch accounts.

  2. By default, the last active class is selected. To change the class, tap Next "" and select a class.
  3. Choose an option:
    • Make announcement
    • Create assignment
    • Ask question
    • Create material
  4. (Optional) To assign the post to multiple classes, tap the class nameand thenselect the classesand thentap Done.
  5. (Optional) To assign the post to individual students, tap All studentsand thenselect the studentsand thentap Done.

    Note: If you post to multiple classes, you can't assign a post to individual students.

  6. Complete the assignment, question, announcement, or material and tap Post "". Or, tap More "" and schedule it to post later or save it as a draft.

I don’t see the Share to Classroom icon

If the icon is missing, the website owner hasn't added it to their site. You can still share the webpage. Just add the URL to an assignment, question, announcement, or material.

Add Share to Classroom to a website

For details on how to add Share to Classroom "" to your webpages, go to Add a Classroom Share Button.

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