Join or leave a class as a co-teacher

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A teacher can invite you to teach in their class as a co-teacher. Co-teachers can perform all teacher tasks after they join a class. However, primary teachers and co-teachers have different permissions in Classroom.

What can I do as a co-teacher?

As a co-teacher, you can:

  • Create assignments
  • Give feedback on student work
  • Enter grades
  • Post on the class stream
  • Access the class Google Drive folder
  • Email teachers and students

Co-teachers cannot:

  • Delete a class
  • Remove the primary teacher from a class
  • Mute another teacher in a class

Your G Suite administrator might only allow teachers from your school to join classes. If you’re having trouble being added to a class, contact your admin to update your domain's class membership settings

If you leave a class you co-teach, you can't open it again unless you're re-invited or enrolled as a student in the class.

Respond to an invitation to co-teach

Tip: You can quickly accept or decline the invitation to co-teach by tapping the link in the email invitation.

To respond from Classroom: 

  1. Tap Classroom Classroom.
  2. On the class card, choose an option:
    1. If you want to teach the class, tap Accept.
    2. If you don't want to teach the class, tap Decline
      Note: If you're a student in the class, tapping Decline doesn't remove you from the class.


Share files with the primary teacher before leaving a class

In the class Drive folder, the primary teacher can access all the files you created in the class. If you want to share other files, such as notes or an attendance sheet, you can add them to the class Drive folder.
Only teachers and co-teachers can view the files or folders you add to the class Drive folder. Students can’t view the files or folders unless you share them.
  1. Tap Classroom Classroom
  2. In the top-left corner, tap Menu .
  3. Scroll down and tap Classroom folders Open folder.
  4. Tap the Drive folder for your class.
  5. In the lower-right corner, tap Add Addand thenchoose an option:
    • To upload a file, tap Upload Uploadand thentap the file.
    • To add a folder to the class Drive folder for your files, tap Folder Open folder.
      After you create the folder, you can upload your files to it.
    • To scan a hard copy for upload, tap Scan Scanand thentake a photoand thentap Done .
  6. (Optional) To rename any of your files or folders:
    1. Next to the file or folder, tap More and thenRename.
    2. Enter a name and then tap rename to confirm.  
Leave a class as a co-teacher

As a co-teacher, you can leave a class from the Classes page or the People page.

Leave a class from the Classes page 

  1. Tap Classroom Classroom.
  2. On the class you want to leave, tap More and thenLeave class.

    Leave class

  3. To confirm, tap Leave class.

Leave a class from the People page 

  1. Tap Classroom Classroomand thenthe class.
  2. Tap People People.
  3. Next to your name, tap More and thenLeave class.
  4. To confirm, tap Leave class.  

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