Share to Classroom from a mobile device

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You can add webpages to new assignments, questions, or announcements in a class from your mobile device, without leaving the page you’re sharing. If you see the Share to Classroom "" on a webpage, you can create a new assignment without going to Classroom first. You’ll find Share to Classroom with the webpage’s other social media icons.

You can share links, videos, images, and Google Drive items to Classroom on your device.

  1. On the website, link, video, or image, tap More "" and then Share and then Classroom "".
  2. By default, the last active class is selected. To change the class, tap Next "" select another class.
  3. Tap the type of post you want to use.
  4. Complete the assignment, question, or announcement and tap Post "".

I don’t see the Share to Classroom icon

If you don’t see Share to Classroom "" , you can still share the webpage by adding the URL to an assignment, question, or announcement.

Website owners add Share to Classroom "" to a webpage, so if the icon is missing, it means that the website owner hasn’t added it to their site.

To add Share to Classroom "" to a website:


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