Allow Classroom email notifications for teachers and students

This article is for G Suite Administrators

You can allow teachers and students to receive email notifications in Classroom, even if you don’t allow emails for your school or organization.

Classroom notifications include updates about classwork, comments on posts, and invitations to join classes. Teachers and students can choose their notifications.

To allow Classroom email notifications, in your Google Admin console, confirm the following:

  1. If you have teachers and students in separate domains, be sure they can email each other.
    For students, both the Gmail and Directory services must be turned on. For instructions, go to Turn Gmail on or off for users and Turn Directory on or off.
  2. In the Admin console settings, add to the list of allowed domains.
    After you add, the Classroom domain can deliver emails and email notifications, and teachers can customize their Classroom email and notification settings. For instructions, go to Add addresses or domains that you want to allow

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