Set up SIS roster import through Elevate Data Sync

This article is for administrators.

Set up Elevate Data Sync as an admin

To import SIS rosters into Google Classroom, admins must complete both of these steps:

  1. Turn on Elevate Data Sync in the Google Admin console's Roster Import settings.
  2. Activate the connection to Google at

Teachers get invitations to teach their classes in Google Classroom once both steps are completed.

Turn on roster import in Google Admin console

  1. Go to and then the Google Classroom section.
  2. Under roster import, select On and then Elevate Data Sync.
  3. Click Save.

Activate the connection to Google

To activate the connection in Elevate Data Sync, go to

Accept the invitation to teach your class 

After roster import is set up, teachers get invitations to teach their classes in Google Classroom. Since classes are automatically created based on SIS data, teachers don’t need to manually create rosters in Google Classroom.

To accept the invitation:

  1. Go to
  2. On the class card, click Accept.


Which SISs are compatible with the roster import feature?

Any district can set up a sync with Elevate Data Sync, regardless of their SIS.

  • Districts that use a homegrown SIS or one not directly supported by Elevate Data Sync can set up an automated sync with CSV files and secure file transfer.

Which countries or regions support the roster import feature?

  • APAC: Australia, Japan, New Zealand
  • EMEA: Belgium, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, UK/Ireland
  • LATAM: Brazil
  • NORTHAM: Canada, US

If you’re in an unsupported country and want to use roster import or have questions, reach out to Sales.

What if someone exists in Elevate Data Sync but not in Google Workspace for Education?

  • The Google Classroom rostering app won't create, modify, or delete user accounts based on Elevate Data Sync data. 
  • You must create user accounts separately in Google Workspace for Education to roster the users to Google Classroom classes.

How frequently is roster data refreshed from the SIS?

Data is updated every night to reflect changes in the SIS roster.

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