Use Google Classroom offline on Android devices

On Android devices, you can use certain Classroom app functions without an internet connection. Students can:
  • Review class announcements and assignments
  • View and edit downloaded assignment attachments
  • Manage and remove offline files

Before you use Google Classroom offline

You must have the latest version of Google Classroom to download, view, and edit files offline. Learn more about the Google Classroom app.

  1. Open the Drive app.
  2. Tap Menu and then Settings.
  3. Turn off Transfer files only over Wi-Fi.
    • Important: To save your files, you must be connected to the internet and have enough available space on your device.

When you’re connected to the internet, the app refreshes in the background every 24 hours to keep your stream and downloaded attachments up to date.

Download a single file for offline use

  1. In the Classroom app, go to the Classwork page.
  2. Open an attachment.
  3. Tap Menu .
  4. To download the attachment, turn on Available offline.
  5. A check mark appears next to downloaded files.

Download multiple files for offline use

  1. In the Classroom app, go to the Classwork page.
  2. Open an assignment.
  3. Tap Save all files offline.

View and remove downloaded items and assignments

To view downloaded files while offline:

  1. At the top left, tap Menu Menu and then Offline files.
    • Tip: To view certain file types offline, you may be prompted to download an editor app.

To remove downloaded files, select an option:

  • Remove a single file: Next to the file, tap Delete Close.
  • Remove all files in a filter: Next to a filter, tap the checkbox and then Remove.

Note: Filters are only available for some courses.

Speed up slow downloads

If downloads take longer than usual, you get a notification. To resolve this issue:

  1. In the Drive app, go to Settings.
  2. Turn off Transfer files only over Wi-Fi.

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