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FAQ for SIS roster import

This article is for Google Workspace for Education teachers.
Users can use roster sync if they're based in the US and have Google Workspace for Education Plus.


Does my district qualify for Google Classroom Rostering integration?


  • A K-12 district in the U.S. 
  • Has Google Workspace for Education Plus or G Suite Enterprise for Education legacy subscription.

When will this be available for international institutions?

  • At launch, roster syncing will only be available to US customers with Google Workspace for Education Plus. 
  • We have some product options for international expansion in 2022 and will share updates as they become available.

Is Clever free to use?


Where can I learn more?

Who will need to take action?

  • To set up the Classroom roster sync, the District Administrator in Clever and a Super Administrator in Google Workspace will need to initiate the process. 
    • Often, one person holds both roles at the same time.

Are there other requirements I should be aware of?

  • To use the Google Classroom rostering app, you must sync student and teacher Google email addresses to Clever. 
    • Clever matches users based on Google email addresses.
  • Districts interested in Classroom rostering can reach out to Clever to get a response within 24 hours.
  • Users could get set up in just a single day. 
    • Many districts can launch within a week.

Integration capabilities

What will the Google Classroom rostering app do?

  • The Google Classroom rostering app creates Google Classroom classes and manages teacher and student associations in those classes.
    • The app does this according to their section assignments in Clever (from SIS). 
    • It will add co-teachers to classes and update primary teacher information if it changes.  
  • Teachers have the option to "accept" the Clever-synced classes or continue to use existing classes.
  • Teachers can change the name of the class without impacting the sync. Changes a teacher makes manually won't be overridden by the sync.

What will the Google Classroom rostering app not do?

  • The app will not modify or delete existing class in Google Classroom, or provision Google accounts for students or teachers.

Which SISs are compatible with this capability?

  • Any district can set up a sync with Clever, regardless of their SIS.
    •  If they use a homegrown SIS or one that Clever doesn’t partner with, they can set up an automated SFTP sync.
    • If customers want an automated sync from their SIS to Clever, they can contact Clever Support.
Clever has auto-sync capability set up with these SIS providers.

What if someone exists in Clever but not in Google Workspace for Education?

  • The Google Classroom rostering app won't create, modify, or delete user accounts based on Clever data. 
    • You must create Clever accounts separately in Google Workspace for Education to roster them to Google Classroom classes.

What if my teachers already created classes in Google Classroom? Can they continue using those classes?

  • Manually-created classes in Google Classroom aren't modified. 
  • Teachers have the option to "accept" or “decline” the Clever-synced classes.

What will the classes created in Google Classroom be called?

  • Classes created by Google Classroom rostering are provisioned based on the “Section Name” field in Clever.
    • The "Section Name" is usually a concatenation of class name, teacher, and period.
  • Teachers can update class names and still stay synced.

How are students and teachers matched between Google Classroom and Clever?

  • Google Classroom rostering matches users between Clever and Google based on Google emails.
    • The application requires all Classroom users to have their Email fields in Clever filled with their Google email addresses.

If a district uses ClassLink, can they use this functionality?

  • Next steps will be announced as soon as possible.

For Clever-synced classes, can teachers make modifications from Classroom? If so, do the changes get overridden by the sync, sync back to SIS, or neither?

  • Teachers can manually add or remove students and co-teachers from Clever-created classes. 
    • The manual changes will persist but won't write back to SIS.

How frequently is roster data refreshed from Clever?

  • Data updates near real-time when there are changes in the SIS roster. 
  • Typically data refreshes every 2 to 24 hours.
If a student transfers from one class to another, is their work lost?
  • No. Student work remains in the class folder in Google Drive.
  • Student grades are recovered when the student is added back to the class.

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