Troubleshooting / FAQ

How is Cast for Education similar to or different from Chromecast?
Chromecast is a consumer hardware product. Cast for Education is a Chrome extension designed for G Suite for Education users to use in the classroom, where no new hardware is required.
Can I use Cast for Education without a G Suite for Education account?

Google Cast for Education is designed for G Suite for Education users. Anyone can download the Cast for Education extension, but you can only share the extension if you have a G Suite for Education account.

Can I share to students on a different domain or a subdomain of my organization?

You can share to students in the same domain or any secondary domain in your G Suite account.  Alias domains and whitelisted domains are not supported at this time. Learn more.

From which devices can you cast?

With Cast for Education, you can cast from any computer using the Chrome browser or Chrome operating system.

We do not support casting from Android or iOS at this time.

Can students cast directly to the projector?

Students cast to the projector through the Cast for Education extension on the teacher’s computer. The teacher’s computer must be connected to the projector for students to cast to the big screen. Casting through the extension on the teacher’s computer lets teachers review casting requests from students.

Is Google Classroom required to use Google Cast for Education?

All G Suite for Education users can use Cast for Education. If you use Google Classroom, you can share your extension using a Classroom group. If you don’t use Google Classroom, you can still share your extension with students by entering their name, email address, or an address for a Google Group.

Can't access the Chrome Web Store

If you’re unable to access the Chrome Web Store service, ask your school technology administrator to enable it. Instead of enabling the Chrome Web Store, administrators can follow the instructions above to install the extension, so that teachers and students don't need to manually download the extension.

To enable the Chrome Web Store:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the dashboard, click Apps.
  3. Click Additional Google Services.
  4. Click Chrome Web Store.
  5. Click More  next to Chrome Web Store and select On for everyone or On for some organizations.
  6. Complete the steps to turn on the Chrome Web Store for your organization.
Does the teacher have to stay by the teacher device to accept or reject student casts?

Teachers can select the level of access for each student or class clicking Cast .

  • Can present—Students can cast to your screen anytime you have the extension open.
  • Can request—Students can request to cast; you need to Approve or Deny each request.

Some teachers in our pilot changed permissions to Can present before a class to let students present freely. They changed back to Can request when they wanted to review student cast requests.

If I have a desktop computer connected to my projector AND a laptop that I walk around with, can I cast from one to the other?

Yes, absolutely. Just follow the teacher instructions above on the desktop and the student instructions on the laptop. You don't need to share the extension with yourself; as long as you’re signed into the same account on both devices, you’ll always see your own devices.

Why does Cast for Education require Chrome version 53 or above?

Cast for Education relies on the latest version of the Cast feature in Chrome, which first launched in Chrome version 53. As a best practice, we recommend always keeping your device up to date and using the latest version of Chrome.

Can I give feedback and feature requests for the Cast for Education?

We would love to hear your feedback on the Cast for Education extension. In the bottom right of the extension, click Send Feedback.