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Why are grades no longer syncing to Moodle? It seems that since transitioning from the beta coursekit, our Google Assignments that were previous… Assignment gets duplicated after editing/adding a file in Moodle Greetings- Here is what we are observing. Create a Google Assignment in Moodle. A student submits. E…
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How do I remove last year's students from a Google Assignment in Moodle? We are using Google Assignments with Moodle. The teacher has reset the course which removes previous… Inconsistent error when trying to attach a file to Google Assignment in Moodle 3.7 Hello - Our institution has been a satisfied Google Assignments user but are now having an issue wit… How do I get notifications that students have submitted a "Google Assignment" in my Moodle LMS How do I get a notification from Google Assignments that a student has submitted a course submission… Re-syncing Assignment grades to Moodle Grade book We ran into the problem where after Assignments left beta (where we were using it as part of course … Google assignment activity bifurcating in Moodle We have had a couple reports from instructors who are not able to see all student submissions for a … Adding Google assignments to Moodle as administrator? I have followed the documentation to add Google Assignments to our school Moodle as an LTI. I can no… Can't get the integration work on Moodle. What am I doing wrong? I was able to set up the LTI integration with the code and secret key, following all the given instr… Moodle LMS refused to connect to Google Assignment Hi, we have configured Google Assignment LTI at site admin. When we try to create assignment, it suc… Which URL is the Correct Google Assignments Moodle Setup URL There are 2 different URL listed in the Setup instructions. 1 When you generate your New Pair it lis… Adding Google Assignments to Moodle (Description and Due Date) When adding a Google Assignment to Moodle the Description box should be shown on the Creation page a… Set up Assignments in Moodle This article is for admins. Before using Google Assignments, an admin must turn it on for their doma…
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How to setup LTI 1.3 in Moodle I'm interested in testing the LTI 1.3 integration with Moodle, but the setup instructions only show … How long is the Assignment LTI going to remain in Beta? My IT department is very hesitant to do an institution-wide roll-out for any tool that is still in b… Change/delete instructor in Google Assignment (Moodle LTI) I am the Moodle admin, we have Assignments setup as an LTI tool in our installation (Moodle 3.7.1). …
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