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How can I replace an existing google doc linked to a Google Assignment which is created from Canvas? We have been using Canvas course templates to be used in multiple courses which contains a predesign…
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How do I change the due date for one student rather than all in Google Assignment with Canvas? HI! I am using Google Assignment in Canvas. I often leave the Google Assignment due dates open longe…
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Google Assignments LTI with Canvas When teachers create a Canvas assignment and use the Google Assignments integration, regardless of w… third party cookies? I'm trying to do an assignment on canvas and it says I have to have third party cookies enabled. I'm… Not listed as the owner of my google assignment lti in canvas -Students can't open assignments I had a student teacher who left and in one of my canvas course they are listed as the owner when vi…
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Google assignments not being added to Schoology For about 3 weeks now, Google assignments are not being added to Schoology. Here's a screen recordin…
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how do I add third party cookies so I'm able to submit google drive assignments on canvas? I am unable to submit google docs or slides to my canvas assignments, and going to the learn more pa… My Chromebook does not allow Google So I cant get harry potter
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Google Assignment LTI not working within Canvas Hello, I am able to go through all the steps of creating an assignment with Google LTI as an externa… Unpublished Assignments in Schoology In Schoology, an Unpublished assignment should not appear in either the gradebook or in the calendar…
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Could you please help me know how I can start earning by using this method I don't know how to get it started 
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How to edit/change Google Assignment file in Canvas once it's already created? In Canvas, I've used the Google Assignment LTI to attach google docs to Canvas assignments. Unfortun… how to assign an due date (Moodle) if google account is in Catalan language? I can't assign an due date (Moodle) if google account is in Catalan language . Google assignments ta… How do I add students to an assignment that was already created?? I created an assignment before all of the students were enrolled in my course. I do not know how to … Why am I getting "disable cookies" dialog? I have tried two different browsers and disabled cookies on both and still get a "disable cookies" d… Error: Failed to Process Correctly When creating a Google Assignment in Canvas, my teachers are now receiving this error: Is this a kno… How do I resolve Canvas line item error when using Google LTI tool? After reaching out to Canvas support, they told me this error is something on Google's end to fix. A…
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Google LTI 1.3 error involving "scoreMaximum" Hi there, I have had several teachers reach out to me regarding an error that they are receiving on …
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Recieving error of "lineItem.scoreMaximum" when trying to create a Google assignment in Canvas. I am trying to create a Google assignment in Canvas, but once I hit the button to create the assignm…
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