Grade an assignment

You and your teaching assistants can enter grades in the Assignments grading tool. Each grader needs a G Suite for Education account.

Change the grade denominator

The default grade denominator is 100. You can change it to any whole number greater than zero. You can change the grade denominator at any time, but the change affects only unreturned assignments. Returned assignments save their original denominator.

You can return an assignment without a grade. However, the LMS can’t distinguish between ungraded and unsubmitted assignments.

Add a grade

  1. Choose one:

  2. Choose one:
    • If you're using Assignments outside your LMS, click the assignment.
    • If you're using Assignment LTI, click the assignment and then Open in Assignments.
  3. Click the student's submission and then Grading Grading.
  4. Under Grade, enter the grade. Your grade saves as a draft.
  5. To grade another assignment, next to the student's name, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and select another student. 

Sync a grade with your LMS

Assignments—Manually enter the grades in your LMS gradebook.

Assignments LTI—When you return assignment files to your students, Assignments LTI automatically syncs your feedback and grades to your LMS. The grades appear in your LMS gradebook.


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