Return assignments to students

When you return an assignment, ownership of the assignment file transfers back to the student. Students can view your comments and suggestions.

A copy of the returned assignment saves to your Google Drive. You have a copy of the graded assignment in case a student contests their grade, for accreditation purposes, or to use as evidence of plagiarism. Even if the student changes or deletes the original assignment, your copy of the assignment is safe.

The student receives an email notifying them the assignment was graded. The email has a link to view the graded work in Assignments. The student can see the grade, margin comments, and overall feedback.

After the student receives the graded assignment, they can respond to individual margin comments or revise and resubmit their file. The student can start discussions or close the comments. The instructor’s original comments save to their copy of the returned assignment.

Return work from the grading tool

You can return assignments to one or more students from the grading tool.

Return an assignment to one student

  • At the top right, click Return and then Return again to confirm.
  • ​Next to Return, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then Return this submission and then Return again to confirm.

Return an assignment to multiple students

  1. Next to Return, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  2. In the menu that opens, check the box for Return multiple submissions.
  3. In the Return multiple submissions window, review your selections.
  4. (Optional) To unselect students, uncheck the box next to their name.
  5. (Optional) To return submissions in bulk:
    1. Next to the first checkbox, click the Down arrow Down Arrow to expand the options.
    2. Choose Select all, Unselect all, or Select draft grades only.
  6. To return the assignment, click Return.

Return work from Assignments

You can return an assignment to one student, multiple students, or all students in your class.
  1. Choose one:

  2. Choose one:
    • If you're using Assignments outside your LMS, open the assignment you want to return.
    • If you're using Assignments LTI within your LMS, open the assignment you want to return and then click Open in Assignments.
  3. Select one of the following:
    1. To return work to one student—Next to the student name, check the box.
    2. To return work to multiple students—Next to the student names, check the boxes.
    3. To return work to all students—Above the student names, check the box next to Turned in.
  4. Click Return.

Notify students about returned classwork

When you return assignment files to your students, Assignments and Assignments LTI automatically email the student. The email links to the assignment page, where students can view submitted files, the overall assignment feedback, and the grade.
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