Set up co-instructors for a course

If you’re a co-instructor or teaching assistant (TA) in a course, you can be added as a co-instructor in Assignments. A co-instructor has all the privileges of an instructor. You can leave margin comments, give feedback, and grade assignments.

You need a G Suite for Education account to be added as a co-instructor.

Set up co-instructors

In Assignments, a primary instructor invites a co-instructor. In Assignments LTI, a co-instructor requests to be added. Follow the steps for your version of Assignments.What version of Assignments do I use? 

Invite a co-instructor in Assignments

In the standalone version of Assignments at, a primary instructor invites a co-instructor.
If you're the primary instructor:  
  1. Go to
  2. Under the class name, click Add instructors.
  3. Enter the co-instructor’s name or email.
  4. Click Invite.

The invited co-instructor will receive an email with an option to accept your invitation.

Request to be added as a co-instructor in Assignments LTI

In Assignments LTI, used within your LMS, a co-instructor requests to be added.
If you're the co-instructor:
  1. Go to your LMS.
  2. In the course, click an assignment and then Open in Assignments and then a student's document.
  3. Sign in:
    • If you’re not signed in to a Google Account, click Sign In and then enter your G Suite for Education account information.
    • If you need to switch to another Google Account, click Switch Account and then select another G Suite for Education account.
  4. Click Send Request.

After you send your request, Assignments sends an email to the primary instructor, notifying them that you've requested to be added as a co-instructor. If the instructor accepts your request, you get an email saying you’re approved. In the email, click the link to finish linking your Google Account to the course.

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