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Updated: Yesterday
photos don't appear to be in the right location. Photos don't seem to be located in the right place. Ex..- photo shows a large waterfall but there is…
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I cannot access Google Earth on PC I have tried opening Google Earth on my PC, but it wouldn't load even after waiting for several minu…
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Uninstalled older of 2 versions now both gone + Years of data Uninstalling old apps and saw that GE Pro showed 2 versions on my computer so I uninstalled the old …
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Opening a project done as a KML I have made a Project in Google Earth. I have never done it before so I just chose "make as a KML fi…
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Google Earth Pro window doesn't show Hi, I'am facing an issue with Google Earth Pro on Windows 10 64bit. The installation works succesful…
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Earth Desktop Pro (Mac) crashes every time it's opened. Once opening Google Earth on my Mac, it opens for a split second and then immediately closes/crashes…
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Why does GEP freeze with "No response" so frequently? On my Notebook (Win 10, HP Pavilion, 8 GB RAM) GEP (1024 MB Memory, 2048MB Cache) freezes temporaril…
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has anyone yet run Google Earth on the new Mac M1? If so, same old or better? looking for someone who has had their hands on the M1
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yes I found something on google maps and it might be important or it might not be who can i contact, so me and my son found something underwater and it is what it looks like i was just wondering if any…
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Updated: This week
Profile elevation - not showing right elevation Hello, I've got an issue with Google Earth as I cannot seem to get the right elevation profile for a…
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چرا به سرور وصل نمیشود و پیام نامعتبر بودن آدرس را می دهد وقتی برنامه باز می شود پیام نامعتبر بودن آدرس و یا مشکل اتصال به سرور را می دهد
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Program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing, reinstalled but not work Can't start the program because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing. Downloaded and reinsta…
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How do I get to the underwater / ocean floor view on Google Earth Pro? every suggestion I read doesn't work. Isn't there a way to just click n go right to ocean view ?
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How do I pickup where I left off with an unfinished polygon I have been tracing the complex borders of a National Forest with the Polygon Tool. I had to stop ab… How do you get rid of these weird, desaturated areas - what are they? I am getting these weird, desaturated areas on my map - is there any way to get rid of them? Thanks! Chrome says "Can't be downloaded securely" I'm trying to download Google Earth Pro for my Mac. Chrome (version 84) says that it "can't be downl… Network Link KML doesn't work I read below article and tried it, but didn't work. I copied and pasted original "Spread sheet Mappe…
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Updated: This year
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