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3d imagery I haven't got a problem, just a question. Is there any plans for a new update with more 3d imagery? … remove default markers while viewing my markers on google my maps Hi, I would like to be able to view only my markers without the commercial and service markers appea… When will Google earth add more 3d imagery? There aren't many places which has it. Google earth doesn't have much 3d imagery at the moment and I would really like to see it get more. …
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Non Coverage Areas I live and work in the Florida Keys. Of note the google map and google earth has purposely blocked a…
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Restore 'Local Names' in view! I want to be able to see the original name instead of some mangled verseion depending ofn mij OS-set…
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Draw order required for Paths I've got an extensive database for my hobby of metal detecting, what I would really like is an optio…
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Your Projects Please tell me how to either delete disabled or hide the Your Projects tab. It's RUINED Google Earth… Every time your google earth show me old images To The Google Dated : 28-01-2024 Dear sir, I want to draw your attention to mentioned above concern,…
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I need at least one month updated satellite view of Khartoum state, Sudan Satellite view in Google earth is not recent  New Google Earth is useless!! New version of Google Earth is completely useless. They've taken away all the functionality. Are the…
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Why doesnt google earth ever respond to my requests about satellite imagery to be updated to a area Atleast in google earth when i do send feed back and ask for a refreshed satellite imagery and it sa… Is there a way to know when a specific area will be updated? I'm waiting for a specific area what was last update on August 2022 to be updated, do ya'll know whe…
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