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You have destroyed useful layers! I have no CLUE what you have been doing with layers. The past months on Earth 7.3.4 I have been conf… Updated bathymetry (depth) data to improve GE Pro ocean terrain in the Australian region? I have developed integrated high-resolution (~100 m grid pixel) bathymetry (depth) data for the Grea…
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Map Updates Hi. I am interested in a number of large projects around the Sydney NSW area. Of particular interest…
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County boundaries and other information missing from new Borders and Labels layer Can you please add county boundaries back into the new Borders and Labels layer? They were included … How to display 6 decimal points of coordinates? When I import a .csv file into Google Earth Pro, the waypoints are not as accurate as my import data…
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Bring back county boundaries, including ability to toggle them on/off. I use county names for reference all the time. Without them in Google Earth, I might as well drag ou…
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Future developments in Google Earth capability. On Google Earth, I would like to mark and measure a route on the 2D map from A to B, and then click …
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How do I send Feedback to Google Earth (GE)? I've been appalled at the callous arrogant removal of railways and place categories, just to name tw…
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Could chains (66 feet) be added as a length unit on the ruler tool in GE Pro Desktop? In the US, General Land Office surveys use chains (66 feet) as the unit of measure. It would be help… Is there a way, in Google Earth Desktop/Pro, to increase/change the font size of the Sidebar/system Looking for a way to change the "view" of the Google Earth Pro/Desktop "Sidebar" and system GUI font…
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can you please update the images for Venustiano Carranza, Durango, Mexico its been 5 years i haven't seen an update imagery for Venustiano Carranza, Durango, Mexico, please u… Why were counties removed? Why were counties removed in the latest "update"? Are they winding down google earth entirely? It ma… RFE: a command-line method to signal Google Earth Pro (Desktop) to close cleanly. Hi, The only way we have found to close Google Earth Pro from the linux shell is to send it a kill m…
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Record a tour to specific location. When will Google Earth add a feature to record a tour to and from specific locations?
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Please can the live compass (top R) display the heading. At the moment there's no easy way to maintain a heading while exploring the Google Earth imagery (in… Google Earth - Voyager. Is it possible to build our own game? I want to build a game similar to those that already exist. Is it possible? Thanks Link a KMZ in a Report I would like to hyperlink a KMZ (embedded with many photos) to a report. Is this possible to make a … is it possible to search on Places' description field content ? only the title seems searchable i use the description field (the large text field) to store a bunch of details about each places i a…
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