See Clouds in Google Earth

Animated Clouds shows you the last 24 hours of cloud movement on Google Earth. The data is updated every hour, or when new data is available.

Turn on Animated Clouds

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Earth app Google Earth.
  2. Tap Map style Map Style.
  3. Scroll to “Turn on animated clouds” and turn on the feature.

Tip: Google Earth shows stationary clouds by default, and animated clouds fade and then disappear when you zoom in.


  • Cloud data may not always be precise and shouldn’t be used for public safety or daily planning.
  • There might be gaps in coverage and irregular shaped clouds.
  • If new data is unavailable, we’ll show the most recent complete data rather than show no clouds.
  • There’s no cloud data near the poles.


If we experience an outage, we’ll notify you on our forum.

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