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Automatically report crashes & performance errors

If you let Google Earth Pro send automatic reports, we can prioritize which features to improve and issues to fix.

You can turn these reports on or off at any time.

What Google Earth Pro reports include

Reports about your usage can include:

  • Your Google Earth Pro settings
  • The tools and features that you used
  • What layers you opened or closed
  • How much memory and storage are used by Google Earth Pro
  • Details about your computer's operating system and hardware components
  • How often you open Google Earth Pro and how long you use it
  • Networking and graphics performance statistics
  • Debugging information related to application crashes

What Google Earth Pro reports don't include

Reports about your usage usually don't include the information below. But, if the app crashes while you're using it, some personal info might be included.

  • Search terms you used
  • Locations you viewed
  • Your location data
  • Map content that you create or open

How Google Earth Pro protects your privacy

Learn more about Google’s privacy policies.

Turn reporting on

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth Pro.
  2. Open the options menu:
    • Windows & Linux: At the top, click Tools and then Options.
    • Mac: At the top, click Google Earth Pro and then Preferences.
  3. Click the "General" tab.
  4. Under "Usage Statistics," check or uncheck the option to send usage statistics to Google.
  5. At the bottom, click OK.
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