Learn about places

When you use Google Earth to explore the world, you can see pictures and info about the locations you're viewing.

Search for a location or click a place. To the right, you’ll see a box, or Knowledge Card, with more info about what you’re looking at.

Learn about similar places

  • See related places: Click the "People also explore" link below the box.
  • Scroll through related places: Click the arrows.
  • Go to related place: Click Fly Fly.

See photos taken by others

  1. Click Menu Menu and then turn on Photos.
  2. Click one of the photos that appear on the map.
  3. To see more photos, click the left or right arrows.
    • Optional: To see other photos that someone took, on the bottom left, click their name.
  4. To exit, on the top left, click Back Back.

See your photos in Google Earth

You can submit your own photos to Google Earth if you post them to Google Maps first. Learn how to add photos to Google Maps.

Note: Google Earth selects the most relevant and visually appealing photos from the Google Maps photos database for inclusion. Not all photos that are added will appear in Google Earth.

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