Use keyboard shortcuts on your computer

On your computer, you can use keyboard shortcuts to easily explore the world and look up places that interest you.

Google Earth shortcuts
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Move the globe (pan the view) Arrow keys
Search  /
Return to north-facing view n
Switch between 2D and 3D view o
Zoom in or out

Windows: Page up / page down

Mac: Fn + up or down arrow keys

Reset the view r
Rotate the globe Shift + arrow keys
Stop globe and camera from rotating Space bar
Return to top-down view u
Fly to your location

WindowsCtrl + i

Mac: Cmd + i

Return to space view

Windows: Ctrl + x

Mac: Cmd + x

Increase or decrease camera altitude Shift + page up or down
Zoom toward cursor location Double click (left)
Zoom away from cursor location Double click (right)
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Close search
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