Fix Earth Pro and Earth EC issues

You can find solutions to most Earth Pro and Earth EC installation and use issues in the Google Earth (free) help:

However, some issues occur only in Earth Pro or Earth EC. For help with those issues, see below.

Earth Pro issues

Earth EC issues

Issues with Earth Pro and Earth EC features

Since both Earth Pro and Earth EC include all the features of Google Earth (free version), most of the Google Earth instructions and tutorials also apply to Earth Pro and Earth EC. For help with Earth Pro and Earth EC features, see below.

Need more help?

Google support is available for Earth Pro and Earth EC users. For Earth (free), the Earth Plug-in, or Maps, see below for places to get help.

  • Google Earth (free). If you need help using the free version of Google Earth, post your question to the Google Earth Help Forum.
  • Google Earth Plug-in and API. You can learn how to embed the Earth Plug-in, see examples, get community support, and read the Earth API documentation at the Google Earth Plug-in site. The Earth Plug-in is based on the Google Earth API. Learn more at the Google Earth API site.
  • Google Maps. See a problem with the map? Learn how to fix the problem in Google Maps.
  • Google Earth Enterprise Client (EC). If you need help using an Earth EC feature, selecting the issue below might help you resolve your issue. To learn how to contact support for other Earth EC questions, see Google Earth Enterprise help.

Google Earth Pro

If you need help with Google Earth Pro, you can get email support from the Earth Pro Support team. Contact Earth Pro Support.