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These instructions are for older versions of Google Earth. Get help with the new Google Earth.

Use Google Earth on Android

Take a tour of the Earth any time on your Android with the Google Earth app.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or Play Store app if you haven't already.

Device requirements

To use the Google Earth app, you need an Android device with:

  • Versions 4.0 and up
  • A Wi-Fi connection (recommended) or 3G connection

Change your location or point of view

  • See a new location: Place one finger on the screen and drag it in the direction you want to see.
  • Zoom in: Tap the screen twice with one finger.
  • Zoom out: Tap the screen twice with two fingers.
  • Rotate or tilt your view: Place two fingers on the screen and turn them the direction you want to see. You can move up, down, or sideways.
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