User Google Earth on an Android

The action bar at the top of the screen centralizes key features of the application.

Clear Map   The "X" icon appears only after you have performed a search, opened a Gallery layer or loaded KML. Pressing the icon will clear the map.

Search for a place or a business by pressing the icon, entering your search terms. Google Earth for Android will fly you to the location for which you searched.

Google Earth for Android is flexible when it comes to searching--"pizza in San Francisco", "San Francisco, CA", “94110”, "1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC" and "Brazil” will all return results.

If your search returns multiple results, Google Earth for Android will display icons for each. Touch the appropriate icon to fly to your desired location.

Google Earth layers menu  

Google Earth for Android layers rich geospatial data atop your Earth view. These layers include Roads & Labels, Photos and Wikipedia (versions older than Earth 8 included  Places, Businesses, Panoramio Photos, Wikipedia, Borders and Labels, Roads, 3D Buildings, and Ocean, which are simplified from Earth 8 onwards)

Once you click on the layer icon, you can select and deselect a layer by touching the check-box to the right of the layer name.

Once you have enabled this content, you can touch the corresponding icons in the main view to display more information. Zooming in and out may vary the icons that you see for a given area.

You can also tap Maps Gallery to see additional maps with geographic data.

North-Up View   Reorient your view to North-up and set the tilt to top down.
Other controls  

Tap to access a number of other features in Google Earth:

  • My Location: Google Earth will fly you to your location and mark your exact point with a blue dot, even if you don’t have GPS.
  • Share: Send a screenshot of Google Earth to others
Settings   Access information related to your app.
Feedback   Give us feedback about the app. This feedback can be anything from changes you’d like to see to issues you’ve experienced.
Tour guide   See images from your map's area. Drag the tab up to see relevant imagery and flyover tours from nearby.
Maps Engine   View Google Maps Engine Maps that you have access to. (GME Lite/Pro maps are not currently supported.)
Offline Maps   View Offline Maps in the Google Maps Engine app installed on your device. Not available in Earth version 8 onwards.
Google Drive   View KML and KMZ files from your Google Drive.