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Use firewall or protection software with Google Earth

This article explains how to:

Configure your protection/firewall software so that Google Earth can access the internet.

If you're having trouble connecting to Google Earth servers and your machine has a software firewall, Google Earth might not be able to access the internet (please note that Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2 does not cause this problem). Examples of common software firewalls include:

  • McAfee Personal Firewall Plus (also in McAfee Internet Security Suite)
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Norton Personal Firewall

Often, when this is the problem, Google Earth reports lack of access and that it will instead use the local cache. To fix this, open the preferences in your anti-virus software. Then, verify that GoogleEarth.exe is not explicitly blocked and that access to 'port 80' is available for non-browser applications. To view more specific instructions, click the name of your firewall or anti-virus software:

McAfee Personal Firewall (also McAfee Internet Security Suite)

  1. Open Google Earth and try logging in.
  2. Open McAfee Personal Firewall Plus by going to Start > All Programs > McAfee > McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
  3. Click Internet Applications in the left column.
  4. Scroll down and select the 'Google Earth' entry.
  5. In the Permissions column, it should say 'Allow Full Access'.
  6. If it does not say that, press the button on the bottom right that says Allow Full Access and make sure that the Permissions column reflects this.

Zone Labs ZoneAlarm

  1. Open Google Earth and try logging in.
  2. Open ZoneAlarm by going to Start > All Programs > Zone Labs > Zone Labs Security
  3. Click the Programs tab on the right of the window.
  4. From the list that's displayed, select 'Google Earth'.
  5. In the sections under 'Access', 'Server', or 'Send mail' right-click the question mark or red X and select 'Allow'.
  6. Once complete, everything should be green along the entire row.

Norton Personal Firewall

  1. Open Google Earth and try logging in.
  2. Open Norton Personal Firewall by going to Start > All Programs > Norton Personal Firewall > Norton Personal Firewall
  3. On the left, click Personal Firewall.
  4. From the new options, click Internet Access Options.
  5. From the new screen, press the Add button.
  6. Navigate to the location where Google Earth is installed. The default is:
    C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\GoogleEarth.exe
  7. If a dialog appears saying 'You are attempting to add an application that already has rules,' click OK.
  8. From the 'Application Rules Summary' window, select 'Google Earth'.
  9. Click the Modify button, a window called 'Modify Rule' should appear.
  10. Select the Action tab, then 'Permit Internet Access'.
  11. Click OK.
  • Proxies may also block the use of Google Earth. Make sure your proxy permits access on port 80 to, and