US Parcel Data Search

This feature is available to Google Earth Pro and Google Earth EC customers only.

US Parcel Data search is available in Google Earth Pro versions 6.2 and later. US Parcel Data search allows Pro users to search the US Parcel Data layer by Assessor's Parcel Number(APN).

To use the US Parcel search feature follow the steps below:

  1. Select the parcel search option above the search bar.
  2. Enter the parcel number you wish to search for and click the search button Search button. Google Earth Pro will display the results in visualization window and the search panel. You can fly to the specific parcel location by either clicking on the placemark in the search panel or on the placemark in the visualization window. Clicking on the folder in the search panel will being the visualization window to an overview of all the parcel matches returned. Please note the results returned will be for exact matches only.
  3. The 3D viewer will fly to the location of the parcel which will be marked by a red placemark (or fly to a location where all the parcels with that number can be visualized). To access the details of the parcel of interest, you must turn on the US Parcel Data Layer and click on the appropriate parcel's symbol.
  4. You can clear the search results and start over by clicking the clear button Search button below the search results.
  5. Search button

    Note: US Parcel data coverage is not complete in the US, so it is possible that a parcel search will not return the desired result. At Google, we are continually working to grow our US Parcel Data coverage.