Inaccurate address locations

This article explains how:

  • We match addresses to locations in Google Earth.
  • Why these addresses aren't always accurately matched.

Google Earth can search by city and country for the entire world; however, our street-level address search, driving directions, business listings, and some layers such as hotels are currently limited to fewer countries. Google Earth offers map data for many other locations.

We're aware that some addresses aren't roof-top accurate. This is the result of how addresses are matched up to an exact position on the earth. We rely on a technique called 'address interpolation,' where we take the total number of addresses in a given block and assume an even distribution of the addresses along that block. For example, if there are ten addresses for the 800 block of Main Street, we assume that the fifth address is located at the halfway point.

As a workaround, you might try entering the nearest intersection of roads along with your city/state/zip code. For example, you could enter [Charleston Ave and Shoreline Road, Mountain View, CA]. Once Google Earth returns results, you might be able to visually identify the address in question.

Ideally, we'd use a database that could precisely match addresses to their rooftops, but unfortunately, such a database doesn't exist within Google Earth. In the meantime, in some countries you can correct the location of your house or a business within Google Maps. For more details, please see our information regarding community edits.

Please note these changes aren't currently reflected in Google Earth.