Submitting to the Google Earth Community

You can share your content in the Google Earth Community, a Google discussion forum where users regularly share discoveries, insights, and unique user-generated maps.

After you have created a placemark, shape, KMZ or KML file, right click the content and choose Share with Google Earth Community (note that you will have to sign in to your Google account if you are not already signed in to Google Earth.). If you want to share several placemarks in the same area or on the same subject, you can add them to a folder and share the folder. The Google Earth Posting Wizard will then appear on your screen. Select the forum that best describes what type of content you are submitting, and click on the Submit button on the bottom of the Posting Wizard. A Posting dialog will appear where you fill in the subject, write a description of your content, and can add a link or additional content to your post. If you want to be notified when someone replies to your post, check the box that says Email updates to me.

Keep in mind, you must also be a member of the Google Earth Community in order to submit your work. You can register on the Google Earth Community to learn more.