Can't find real-time imagery

Google Earth doesn't offer real-time imagery. Most of the imagery is around one to three years old and shows an aerial view about 800-1500 feet from the ground.

Google Earth Pro uses the same image database as Google Earth free and the free and Pro trial versions, so there aren't any changes to the locations you see in Google Earth Pro or the free and Pro trial versions. However, with Google Earth Pro, you can print these locations at higher resolution (4800 pixels). You also receive the following additional professional tools to enhance your organization's productivity:

  • High resolution printing
  • GIS data import to quickly map geographic data
  • Spreadsheet import tool to map thousands of addresses at once
  • Enhanced Movie Maker for creating professional videos for your clients and customers
  • Access to email support

For a side-by-side comparison of Google Earth Pro and Google Earth (free version), visit our Product FAQs page.