Deactivate your Earth Pro license key

If you accidentally bought a new license instead of upgrading from a trial license or renewing your old license, you need to deactivate your former license key before you can use your new key. You also need to deactivate when you transfer your license, change your username (your username is the email address the license is registered to), or if you're receiving sign in errors.

After you deactivate your license and restart Earth Pro, you can access the sign in screen again to enter your valid username and license key. Then you can get back to using Earth Pro's advanced features.

When to deactivate your license

Upgrades and renewals
  • Your free trial expired, you bought an annual subscription instead of upgrading your trial license, and now you want to register and sign in with your new license.
  • Your annual subscription expired, you bought a new subscription instead of renewing your old subscription, and now you want to register and sign in with your new license.
Transfers and changes
  • You no longer need to use Google Earth Pro on this computer, and you want to transfer your license key to a different machine.
  • You want to change your username (your registration email address) for Earth Pro.
Sign in errors
  • You have a valid license key, but you're receiving a License key expired error.
  • You're receiving an Installed on too many machines error.

To deactivate your license key:

  1. In Earth Pro, go to Help > Deactivate Google Earth Pro License > Deactivate this machine.
    If you no longer have access to the machine that has Earth Pro installed, select Deactivate all computers. This removes all current Earth Pro activations.
  2. Exit Earth Pro completely.
  3. Register your new license or username. See Register Earth Pro.
  4. (Optional). Download and install the latest version of Google Earth Pro. See Download Earth Pro.
  5. Launch Earth Pro again.
  6. Enter your valid username and license key, and click Sign In.