Understanding Google Earth imagery

When is imagery collected?

Google Earth acquires the best imagery available, most of which is approximately one to three years old. The information in Google Earth is collected over time and is not in 'real time'. For example, it's not possible to see live changes in images.

To get the latest imagery updates, check out Follow Your World.

High vs. low resolution imagery

Google Earth is constantly working on gathering the highest resolution imagery possible. However, there are certain areas for which we don't currently provide high-resolution data. We're also aware that the imagery for some areas may contain cloud coverage or discoloration, so might appear blurry even at high resolution.

You can report this imagery to us at our database report page.

Improving imagery 

To learn more about how you can provide data please visit our Map Content Partners Help Center.

The Map Content Partners Help Center contains information for organizations that contribute authoritative mapping data to Google, including 3D models, aerial imagery, public transit routes and schedules, terrain and many types of vector data.

Learn more about Google Earth's Legal and privacy policies.