Hosting KML content

To host a KML, you upload a KML file onto a public site with a URL. Hosting a KML allows you to do the following:

You can host your KML through Google Sites or Google Drive with your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, you can sign up here.

This article teaches you how to host a KML using:

How to host KML on Google Sites

Get started hosting your KML by going to the Google Sites Homepage. Sign in with your Google Account.

Once inside Google Sites, you can choose to host your KML on an existing site or a new site. Select an existing site by clicking on it, or create a new site by clicking the button "Create new site."
Once you're inside a site, follow these steps to host your KML:
  • Create a page within your site that can host files. To do this, select from the top right-hand corner of your screen    
  • From the template screen that appears, select "File Cabinet." Enter a name for your new page and choose where you want it to be placed. Then click "Create Page."
  • You're now within the File Cabinet and you're ready to add files. Select "Add File," click "Browse," then find your file on your hard drive. Once you've selected your file, click "Upload." Your file is now successfully hosted on the File Cabinet within your site.

How to get the URL of a KML you've hosted on Google Sites

In Google Sites, go to your File Cabinet page and find your KML file. In Firefox, right-click on the "Download" hyperlink for that file and select "Copy Link Location." This will copy the URL of your hosted KML to your clipboard.


How to host KML on Google Drive

To get started, open Google Drive and sign in with your Google Account.

Once you're inside Google Drive, hosting a KML takes just 5 easy steps:

  1. In your Google Drive, click the Upload button and select Files... from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select your KML file you'd like to upload.
  3. Your file will appear in My Drive.
  4. Click to open the file in the Google Drive Viewer.

How to get the URL of a KML you've hosted on Google Docs

Opening the file in Google Drive  will display the KML file in the Maps view with sharing and file management actions available.

To allow others to see your KML file, click Share. Choose your recipients. You can send the link via email, or copy the URL to share elsewhere.