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These instructions are for older versions of Google Earth. Get help with the new Google Earth.

Change languages

You can change the language you see in Google Earth.

Change languages on Windows

  1. Select Tools Next Options. Select the "General" tab.
  2. In the "Language settings," select a language. Tip: If you want to use your computer's current language settings, choose "Default System Settings."

Learn how to change languages on a Mac

Change languages on Linux

  1. Exit Google Earth.
  2. You can change the language for the:
    • Operating system
    • Session
  3. Log in to the terminal.
    • In Ubuntu or Fedora, go to ApplicationsNextAccessoriesNextTerminal.
    • In RedHat, go to HatNextSystem ToolsNextTerminal.
  4. Using the language code you want to use, type "LANG = language googleearth".
    Example: To change the language to Portuguese (Brazil), use: "LANG = pt_BR googleearth".
  5. Restart Google Earth.