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Print images, photos, and more

Use the 'Print...' command under the 'File' menu to print the current view. You can also type CTRL (Command/Open Apple Key on the Mac) + P. When you print an image, a 'Print' dialog box appears that asks you to choose one of the following:

  • Graphic of 3D Viewer - Choose an appropriate resolution. You can then select available printers, just as you would for any document. The image is printed with all visible placemarks, borders, or other layer information visible in the 3D viewer.
  • Most recent Search Results - Choose this if you want to print search results or driving directions
  • Selected Folders/Placemarks in My Places - This is available if you have selected any placemark or folder in the Places folder. This prints the current 3D view plus placemark information and images.

Note - Some of these printing options are only available to Google Earth Pro and Google Earth EC users.