Measuring tool features and options

The following table describes the options available to all measuring tools, as well as the features specific to each tool.

Feature or Function Description
Modify or reposition a shape Once you define a line, path, or other shape in the 3D viewer, you can change its dimensions by clicking on a desired point and dragging it to the new position. First make sure you have the type of shape you want to modify selected in the Ruler dialog box.

When you place the cursor over an existing point, the cursor changes from a drawing box to a finger-pointing hand to indicate that you can click the highlighted point if you want to reposition it.

For circles, you can click the radius point and drag the circle to a new position on the earth.

For area shapes, you can add additional points by clicking in the 3D viewer. Points are added in an area shape in a strict sequence from first to last, regardless of where you click in the 3D viewer.
Remove selected shape If you want to remove a shape from the viewer, right-click the shape in the Places panel and click Delete.
Remove selected point If you want to remove a point from either a path or an area shape, select a point and press the Backspace key.
Remove all shapes You can clear all measuring shapes from the viewer by clicking on the Clear All button in the 'Ruler' dialog box regardless of which tab is active.
Reposition the viewer By default, navigation with the mouse is disabled when you use measuring mode, but you can enable it by checking 'Mouse Navigation'. When enabled, mouse navigation works in conjunction with measuring: click and hold to add a new point; click and drag to move the earth.
Line All Google Earth versions support measuring with a line. A line consists of two points connected by a straight line, and measurement is done along its length.
Path All Google Earth versions support measuring with a path. A path in the measuring mode consists of two or more points connected with a straight line. Measurement is done along the entire length of the path. To follow a natural boundary or road more closely, try zooming in closely to the feature and adding more points.
Polygon Google Earth Pro supports measuring with the polygon tool. A polygon consists of three or more points. Measurement for a polygon tool is done for both perimeter and area.
Circle Google Earth Pro supports measuring with the circle tool. Measurement for a circle is done for its radius, area, and circumference (in the appropriate measurement unit).