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These instructions are for Google Earth Pro. Get help with Google Earth for Web and Mobile.

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Google Earth

Below you’ll find a list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts to navigate in the 3D viewer. Learn more about navigating in Google Earth.

Tip: To move more slowly, hold down Alt, then do the keyboard shortcut.

Action Shortcut (Windows & Linux) Shortcut (Mac)
Move left Left arrow Left arrow
Move right Right arrow Right arrow
Move up Up arrow Up arrow
Move down Down arrow Down arrow
Rotate clockwise Shift + Left arrow Shift + Left arrow
Rotate counter-clockwise Shift + Right arrow Shift + Right arrow
Tilt up Shift then click and drag down Shift + Down arrow
Tilt down

Shift + Up arrow

Shift then click and drag up

Shift + Up arrow
See first-person perspective Ctrl then click and drag then click and drag
Zoom in + +
Zoom out - -
Zoom plus automatic tilt Right-click and drag up or down Ctrl then click and drag up or down
Stop current motion Spacebar Spacebar
Reset to north-up view n n
Reset to top-down tilt u u
Center Earth r r
Show/hide Overview window Ctrl + m ⌥⇧⌘ + m
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