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Fly your plane using your keyboard

Take a flight around the world with your mouse and these keyboard shortcuts.

Get ready to fly

Step 1: Enter flight simulator mode

Windows & Linux

Press Ctrl+Alt+A.


Press ⌘+Option+A.

Note: You can re-enter flight simulator mode any time by clicking Tools>Enter Flight Simulator in the top menu bar.

Step 2: Set up your display panel (HUD)

Windows, Linux, & Mac

Press H.

Step 3: Set up your aircraft

Fly your plane

Control take-off and landing speeds with the thrust controls

The thrust is the force used to take off and land the plane. On Windows & Linux computers:

  • To accelerate, press Page Up.
  • To slow down, press Page Down.
Roll and tilt the plane with the aileron

The ailerons let you roll and tilt the plane:

  • To roll or tilt the plane right or left, press the right or left arrow.
  • To center the plane, press C or 5.
Pitch or point the plane up and down with the elevator controls

The elevators let you pitch or point the plane up and down.

Adjust the elevator controls manually

You can decide how much you want to point the plane up or down:

  • To point the nose of the plane down, press the Up arrow.
  • To point the nose of the plane up, press the Down arrow.

Change the default position of the elevators

  • To point the plane point slightly upward, press Home or Shift+Up arrow.
  • To point the plane slightly downward, press End or Shift+Down arrow.
Yaw or steer the plane with the rudder controls

The rudder controls let you yaw or steer the plane:

  • To center the plane, press C or 5.
  • To steer your plane left, press Insert or Shift+Left arrow.
  • To steer your plane right, press Enter on the number keypad or press Shift+Right arrow.
Fly faster or slower using the flap controls

The flap controls let you increase or reduce speed while flying:

  • To reduce speed, press the Left bracket or Shift+F.
  • To increase speed, press the Right bracket or F.

Land your plane

Land your plane with the landing gear controls

If your aircraft has retractable landing gear, press G to extend and retract it.

Slow down your plane with the brakes

You can use the brakes to slow the plane down when you’re on the ground:

  • To use the left wheel brake, press the comma key.
  • To use the right wheel brake, press the period key.
Exit flight simulator

Windows and Linux

Press Ctrl+Alt+A or Escape.


Press ⌘+Option+A or Escape.