If you are using Google Earth for the first time, this feature is a great introduction. A 'Sightseeing' folder inside the 'My Places' folder contains a number of points of interest already marked on the earth for you to explore. To view them, expand the folder and double-click one of the entries. The 3D viewer flies to that location.

Tip - If you are upgrading to Google Earth from a previous version, you can access the 'Sightseeing' folder by opening the 'default_myplaces.kml' file located in the Google Earth installation folder, as follows:
  1. Click File > Open. A dialog box appears. Use the dialog box to navigate to the folder where Google Earth is installed. If you installed Google Earth using the default method, look in Program Files > Google > Google Earth for the application.
  2. Select the default_myplaces.kml file and click Open. A second 'My Places' folder appears in the 'Temporary Places' folder.
  3. Expand this second 'My Places' folder to view the 'Sightseeing' folder within. If you wish, you can drag the sightseeing items to your original 'My Places' folder if you want them to appear the next time you start Google Earth. Or, simply right-click any place you want to save and select Save to My Places from the pop-up menu.

You can also tour places in the 'Sightseeing' folder as you would any placemark. See Using Tours.