Showing and Hiding Points of Interest

The 'Layers' panel holds an extensive list of points of interest (POIs) that you can turn on to display in the 3D viewer wherever you are. This listing includes:

  • Businesses, such as banks, restaurants and gas stations
  • Restaurants of a variety of styles
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Airports, hospitals, and schools
  • Postal, city, and school boundaries

Turn on a POI by checking it in the 'Layers' panel. Turn off a POI by clearing the check box.

Occasionally, POIs overlap each other. In these cases, click a POI to expand these icons into a star formation. This allows you to click an individual icon.

Note - To view all available POIs or layers, at the top of the Layers panel, beside 'View', be sure to choose 'All Layers'.

You can interact with points of interest in the following ways:

  • Find Directions to or from the POIs - See Getting and Printing Directions
  • Search the web for information on the POI - Click on the icon, and in the info balloon, click the link that says 'Google Search'. The web window appears below the 3D viewer or in a new browser window with the Google search results for that POI.
  • Save the POI to your 'My Places' folder
  • Right-click the POI icon and select Save to My Places from the pop-up menu. See Using Places for more information.
Tip: You can deselect a parent POI category and thereby hide data for that category, including sub-categories. This is faster than turning off multiple sub-categories one-by-one.

For more information on points of interest and layers, see Using Layers.