Touring and saving directions

Once you have a route displayed in the 3D viewer, you can use the tour feature to "fly" the route in the 3D viewer, and you can save the directions to your 'My Places' folder for later reference.

Touring the Route

Select the 'Route' item at the end of the directions listing. Click the Play Tour button:

Play Tour button

The 3D viewer automatically starts the tour from the departure point, oriented in the correct direction as if you were flying over the route you have marked. The tour follows the route, stops at the end, and zooms out to encompass the entire route in the 3D viewer. See Using Tours for more information.

Touring the Route
Imagery Date: May 31, 2007
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Note - You can also display driving directions in an animated time sequence. To learn more, see Viewing a Timeline.

Saving Directions

When you get driving directions between two points, those directions are listed beneath the Search button in a folder that is expanded to show all the turning points along the route. You can save those directions to your 'My Places' folder as follows:

  1. Scroll up on the results listing until you see the top folder that contains your directions. The folder is labeled with the 'To' and 'From' search words you entered.
  2. Collapse the folder by clicking on the minus icon. This helps provide a less cluttered appearance in your 'My Places' listing, but is not necessary.
  3. Right-click the folder and select Save to My Places from the pop-up menu. The folder is moved from the search listing window to your 'My Places' folder. Because its appearance is collapsed before you save it, it also appears collapsed in your 'My Places' folder. If you wish, you can save only individual route points to your 'My Places' folder instead of the entire route.

Once you save the directions to your 'My Places' folder, you can edit the folder and its placemarks in the same way you would any place data. See Editing Places and Folders for more information.