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Get and print directions

You can get and print directions to and from any placemark in the 3D viewer, or any place listed in the search results or available in the 'Places' panel.

Getting Directions

Directions are available for a place or listing in the following ways:

  • Right-click an icon or listing result - In the pop-up menu, select either 'Directions from here ' or 'Directions to here'. When you do this, the 'Search' panel automatically transfers the information to the 'Directions' tab. The route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the search listings window.

    Search button Search button
  • To Here/From Here - To do this, click any search result listing or placemark to view the information balloon in the 3D viewer. Click To Here or From Here. Location information appears in the appropriate field ('From' or 'To') in the Directions tab. Repeat this action for either the starting location or the final destination and click the Search button. The route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the Search panel.
  • Enter start and ending points in the Directions tab. You can manually enter valid location searches in each input box. After clicking the Search button, the route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the search listing window below the search input.

The direction route is mapped in the the 3D view with a line indicating the route. See Getting and Printing Directions and Saving Directions for more information on how you can use the results of your directions search.

Note - Direction are not always available for locations that are far from roads.

Printing Directions

  1. Make sure that the driving directions you created are selected in the Directions tab.
  2. Click File > Print. The Print dialog box appears.
  3. Choose 'Driving Directions' and click Print. Another Print dialog box appears.
  4. Choose the appropriate printing options and click Print. Google Earth prints driving directions that include images of intersections that require turns.

You can remove the directions from the 3D viewer by clearing the check box next to your directions summary, or by clearing the search results entirely.