Searching for Business Listings

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You can search for directory listings using the 'Find Businesses' tab in Google Earth. To do this, enter your search term in the 'What' input box and click the Search button. The top 10 matching results are displayed in the current view. To target your search over a specific city, enter the name and state of the city in the 'Where' input box. This returns the first 10 results from the center of that city outwards, searching web page information in that region.

You can also search for user-created content.

Search Methods

You can use a number of search methods, including:

  • Exact names (for example 'Cost Plus World Market') - If you know the exact name of the listing you want, try entering that name within quotation marks to limit the number of results to those that match the entire string. This is the most specific type of entry, so if you receive unexpected results, you might be matching a web page entry for that exact term. Try removing the quotation marks for broader results or using one of the other methods described here.
  • Partial name (i.e., Disneyland) - If you know part of the name (one word or more) in the listing you are searching for, you can use that. This type of search typically returns a greater number of matches than an exact name search. For example, if you search for 'Disneyland' in Anaheim, CA, you will see results for 'Disneyland Hotel' and other similar listings. If you have more than one word in your partial search, enter them with quotations to return only results that contain both of those terms in the order you have entered them (i.e., 'Greenwood Publishing')
  • Keyword (i.e., colleges, salon) - A keyword search returns business listings whose type matches the keyword search, even if the keyword itself is not in the title of the business. For example, the keyword 'salon' can return results for 'Supercuts' or 'Hair By Jodi' and other businesses that are classified as a salon.

When you use the 'Find Businesses ' feature, you are using Google Maps search to search a combination of Yellow Page listings along with web page information for that region. For example, you might search 'Shell Oil' and see a result for an investment company with holdings in Shell Oil Co. and whose web site also references the term 'Shell Oil'.

Your search terms for both 'What' and 'Where' are saved in the entry history (indicated by the small black triangle on the right of the search input). When you log out of Google Earth, the last 10 search entries are saved for the next session. This location search history is independent of the location search history for the 'Fly To' search panel.

A Find Businesses search starts in a radius either from the center of the current view, or from the center of the location indicated in the 'Where' input box. So, if you want to search for a movie theater close to a restaurant where you are having dinner, try entering the address of the restaurant in the 'Where' input box when searching the term 'movie theater'.

See Finding Addresses and Locations for example location searches and Managing Search Results for details on results.