Finding addresses and locations

To find a specific address or location, just enter what you're looking for in the search box in the left hand panel, and then click Search.

Google Earth recognizes the following types of search terms, which you can enter with or without commas.

Format Example
City, State Buffalo, NY
City, Country London, England
Number Street City State 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC
Zipcode or Postal Code 90210
Latitude, Longitude in decimal format 37.7, -122.2

Note that such coordinates must appear in this order (latitude, longitude).
Latitude, Longitude in DMS format 37 25'19.07"N, 122 05'06.24"W or
37 25 19.07 N, 122 05 06.24 W

Note that format 37d25'19.07"N, 122d05'06.24"W does not work with Google Earth. Such coodinates must appear in this order (latitude, longitude).

Your most recent search terms are saved by Google Earth and appear as you enter matching text in the search field. To clear these search terms, select the History option underneath the search box and then click Clear History.

About Search Terms

Certain search terms are not currently recognized as locations in the search box. These include:

  • Minor city names in many countries
  • State or province names alone
  • Search terms that are not a recognizable location search are treated as a business listing search over the current view. For more information on how listing searches work, see Searching for Listings.
Tip: If you want to find a particular street in a city, you can enter the name of the street alone, and the search engine will display the top 10 matches for that street entry. For example, if you want to find Sunset Boulevard' in Hollywood, CA', you can enter the phrase 'Sunset Blvd Hollywood CA' in the search field and the beginning of Sunset Boulevard will be displayed in the 3D viewer, along with the top 10 results for streets that contain the string 'Sunset' in their name.

Using a version of Earth older than 6.2? Check out these instructions

You can search for specific locations using the 'Fly To' tab in Google Earth. To do this, enter the location in the input box and click the Search button.

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