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Set up icons for places and folders

When you create or edit a placemark or folder, you can change the icon for that item by clicking on the icon button to the right of the 'Name' field and choosing a new icon from the palette.

Available icons

Note - You cannot set the icon for a folder if that folder contains a mixture of placemark data such as a combination of placemarks and overlays. To set icons and their values for folders, you must enable shared styles.

Using Custom Icons

For single placemarks and folders of placemarks, you can select a custom image to use as an icon rather than one of the default set of icons available to all placemarks. When you set a custom icon for a single placemark, the new icon appears for that placemark only. You can also set a custom icon for a folder if style sharing is enabled. In that case, any change to the folder applies to all of the items in the folder.

Note - As with images on web page graphics, custom icons with smaller file sizes work best.

To choose a custom icon:

  1. Click the icon in the top right corner of the Edit Placemark/Folder dialog box.
  2. Choose 'custom' from the icon palette.
  3. Indicate a valid path or Web URL in the field beneath the 'Icon File/URL' label or click Browse to specify the file on your computer or network. If you refer to an image on the web, be sure you have entered the path to the image itself, not the web page containing the image.

Setting Line Color and Width

When your placemark data consists of lines, such as with saved directions, you can use the 'Line' properties in the 'Style' tab to modify the display of the line in the 3D viewer.

Edit Folder dialog box

  • Color - To set the color for a line, click the 'Color' swatch and choose a color using the standard color selector. You can choose preset colors or define your own in a variety of ways. Your color choice is added to that of the existing line data in the same way as icon color is modified. In addition, the alpha channel available in the color picker adjusts the opacity of the line in the same way as the 'Opacity' setting does.
  • Width - The default setting for line width is 1 pixel. You can adjust the thickness of the line from 0 to 4 pixels by clicking on the Width button and using the up and down arrows to adjust the width within the allowed range. You can enter other values for the line width by typing in a number in the 'Width' field. Note that DirectX users cannot adjust line width.
  • Opacity - The opacity setting indicates how transparent the line is relative to the imagery beneath it. By default, the opacity is 100%, which means that it completely obscures any imagery beneath it. If you have changed the width and color of your line, you might want it to be partially transparent so imagery beneath is visible. To do this, enter a percentage opacity in the 'Opacity' field or click the Opacity button and use the slider to adjust transparency to your preference.