These instructions are for Google Earth Pro. Get help with Google Earth for Web and Mobile.

Change how you see images in Google Earth

You can change how icons, labels, and other elements are displayed.

  • Windows/Linux: Click Tools and then Options and then 3D View.
  • Mac: Click Google Earth and then Preferences and then 3D View.

Settings you can change

  • Anisotropic filtering (smooth horizon): See a smoother-looking horizon when viewing the earth from a tilted angle.
  • Graphics mode: Change the rendering capabilities of your graphics card.
    • Linux or Mac: Google Earth only supports OpenGL.
    • Windows: Google Earth tries to determine which setting is most suitable for you graphics card and automatically suggests that you switch.
  • If you have problems in the 3D viewer, select Use safe mode to turn off advanced rendering features. You can also try to upgrade your graphics card driver.
  • Terrain quality: If terrain is turned on, you can adjust the terrain quality to be lower (less detailed) to increase performance. To adjust the appearance of hills, enter an "Elevation Exaggeration" value from 0.01 to 3.0, including decimals.
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